Terms & Conditions

The conditions stated below have been written in accordance with the Belgian law and can be changed at any time by Rose & Berg:
– The driver may refuse to accept a customer if this person is heavily under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.
– The driver must always opt for the most obvious route to bring the customer to his/her destination,
unless the customer insists otherwise and/or agrees with the driver on taking another route.
– Smoking in the car is prohibited for both the driver and his customers.
– Rose & Berg cannot be held responsible for any delays, changes or cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances. We will of course do everything in our capacity to avoid delays or cancellations and will notify the customer as soon as possible.
– The customer is expected to notify the driver by text message if the customer’s flight duration is two hours or less and changes would occur in the flight schedule. If the customer fails to do so, he or she will be charged for delays and waiting times that were not communicated to the driver in advance.
– We cannot be held responsible for any erroneous information submitted by the customer through the online reservation form.
– The customer is legally obliged to wear a seat-belt and will have to pay the costs resulting from fines. Parents are responsible for the seat-belts of their children.
– Rose & Berg can provide customers with a car seat for children free of charge. However, customers should book the car seat in advance by email or phone.
– Customers can be charged a minimum fine of € 150 in case of severe car littering or damage to the vehicle. The required sum will have to be paid directly to the driver.It is forbidden for customers to:
– Enter the car with pets that cannot be seated on a customer’s lap without the driver’s prior consent.
– Enter the car if they are infected with a contagious disease and/or have any kind of health issue that could cause contamination or spoilage.
– Open the vehicle’s doors while driving.
– Damage or spoil the car, or throw garbage outside from the vehicle.

We hope that you are now well-informed and ready to book your ride with Rose & Berg
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